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UPV Testing Concrete Beam



CLIENT:         IHC Construction + Chicago Testing Lab
LOCATION:   Chicago, Illinois

Concrete Tilt-Up Structure


A precast concrete beam was delivered to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) pumping station construction site near Chicago, Illinois.  The 68 feet long by 5 feet deep concrete beam had a suspected horizontal discontinuity or plane of weakness, believed to be a cold joint.  Due to the visible observations, construction was halted, and the beam was temporarily prevented from being installed.


Durability Engineers (DE) responded within one day of the notification and conducted nondestructive testing (NDT) using ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV).  By performing a combination of direct and indirect UPV transmission techniques, DE was able to establish a baseline signal velocity and provide comparison measurements through the beam and across the suspected discontinuity.  The UPV measurements did not indicate the presence of a discontinuity and the beam was found to be monolithic allowing it to be safely installed.

DE’s investigation and analysis allowed for:

  • Mitigation of time and cost for destructive laboratory testing,

  • Saving of time and money to repair/replace the precast beam

  • Resumption of construction safely, maintaining the original timeline and budget.

Concrete UPV Testing Beam

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